Tuesday, February 06, 2001

Hi Maria Are you doing OK right now?

Monday, February 05, 2001

Hi Maria,

how is your trip in Malta ? I have been thinking about you these days ? I hope you have recovered, and come back stronger.

Take care.

Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Just before I was about to delete this forum, as I saw no action from you for few days and thought you might have troubles in natvigating on this forum, I suddently found you were already well here this morning. I must say very good to see you.

One technical thing I need to remind you , when you finish typing, press post on top left , see how it look, if you need edit, then press edit, if not, then you can publish to your website here (http://maria.blogspot.com/), make sure your press the Publish button (it must be in orange colour if you have new addition and typed something) ;

I hope you can writing to this forum more often, I am waiting and reading.

Have a nice trip in Maltar

Sunday, January 28, 2001

at age of 38 i have tried my first introduction website hunting for some possible 'friends'.
well the first one comes up calls Tony at 53 is an it director lives in warickshire!
One thing good abut this guy is that he travels a lot to places like Paris ....etc.
But the first photo he attached to me was just about ok, this morning he sent me another
photo that really made me 'suck', little stupidity perhaps from me as well. he asked to keep in touch even while i am in Malta.
well, this just sounds very sad. It's better to be alone sometimes.

but i do miss fulvio. to be honest, there is God and he is exact how I had imagined to meet, but i forgot to add the desired age
in mind... that was my mistake......

tonight i have to pack, which i always hate to do every time i travel. i worry about my birds and fish , not sure whther the new lodger
would look after them as promised.

i want to thank jim being a very good friend of mine...